2019-2020 season

Now in session at St. Helen's


SMASH! Badminton Club


Saturday Morning At St Helen's

Smash badminton club is run by volunteers and provides a structured environment for young people of all abilities to play and develop their badminton skills. The groups are roughly age dependent (see below) but ability will determine which group a young person may be most comfortable in. Please use the email links below to contact the club, or come along on a Saturday morning next season.

Please contact membersec@smashbc.org.uk for  more details and Information for more details or to check schedule.

More information and codes of conduct in Welcome Leaflet


The normal venue is St Helen's school sports hall on Saturday morning, times as follows:

Junior (~7-12): 09.00 - 10.00

Intermediate (~11-14) 09.45 - 11:00

Senior (~14-17)10.45 - 12.00


There is a parents' rota and parents/carers are expected to accept on slot on the PARENTS' ROTA  once or twice a term.


Please note that helping on the parents’ rota doesn’t mean that you have to play badminton.

If you want to join in, you can - but you can also just sit and watch (or read a newspaper).

The important thing is to be there!


The  last session of term, plus AGM,  will be held in March. 

Tournament Trophies will be awarded before the AGM


All officials of the club are  DBS checked and the club has a Welfare Officer.




 Use the active links below to email club officials

chairman   secretary   treasurer

senior coach   intermediate coach   junior coach

membership secretary   rota secretary

child protection officer   equipment officer



Scroll-down for:  Tournament photos, List of trophy past-winners...

2018 Tournament


                  Jonty Clay              

               Gold medal                                       Silver medal                               Bronze medal



  Gold medal                                                           Silver medal                                      Bronze medal

Mens Seniors


Gold medal                                                                                    Silver medal                                                     
      Bronze medal        

Ladies Seniors

          Bonny Cao          

Gold medal                                                               Silver medal                                    Bronze medal        

Section Photos

2018 Juniors Section and Coaches

2018 Intermediates (IM) Section and Coaches


2018 Seniors Section and Coaches 


Smash BC trophy past Winners
Seniors Trophy
1997/98 Andrew Dier
1998/99 Claire Brown
1999/00 Claire Brown
2000/01 Chris Taylor
2001/02 Chris Taylor
2002/03 Jack Webster
2003/04 Jack Webster
2004/05 Jack Webster
2005/06 Joe Sweeney
2006/07 Joe Sweeney
2007/08 Tom Sweeney
2008/09 Tom Sweeney
2009/10 Jon Brooks
2010/11 Jon Brooks
2011/12 Dan Hemmings
2012/13 Harry Wilkinson
2013/14 Matthew Young
2014/15 Matthew Young
2015/16 Matthew Young

2017/18 Jack Ashton/Naomi Nelson

Intermediates Trophy

1997/98           Gavin Martin

1998/99           Lara Tarasewicz

1999/00           Jonathan Taylor

2000/01           Stuart Reynolds

2001/02           Ross Hager

2002/03           James Quayle

2003/04           Jon Walker

2004/05           Patrick Mannix

2005/06           Michael Brooks

2006/07           William Southcott

2007/08           William Wheeler

2008/09           Will Mylrea-Hemmings

2009/10           Harry Wilkinson

2010/11           Lizzie Wheeler

2011/12           Tarrant Tonks

2012/13           Tarrant Tonks

2013/14           Oliver Moody

2014/15           Jonathan Horton

2015/16           Vicki Flegg

2017/18          Isaac Boyce

Juniors Trophy
1997/98  Emma Rowe
1998/99  Jonathan Taylor
1999/00  Jos Rowe
2000/01  Henry Webster
2001/02  John Hague
2002/03  Jon Walker
2003/04  Michael Brooks
2004/05  Lloyd Cadman
2005/06  William Wheeler
2006/07 William Mylrea Hemmings
2007/08 William Mylrea Hemmings
2008/09 Sophie White
2009/10  Thomas Stott
2010/11  Oliver Moody
2011/12  Luke Backley
2012/13  Katie Williams
2013/14  Simon Beer
2014/15  Martin Dlaka
2015/16   Finn Wilson
2017/18 Thomas Kasar

Local Adult Badminton Clubs
Friendly Group who play badminton once a week on Wednesdays

The Oxonian Badminton Club is a sociable badminton club in Abingdon

Contact Jo Quirk   01235 532566.